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Manufacturing Engineer - Composite Materials

Bulgaria, Sofia, SofiaManufacturing

Job description

Our mission at DRONAMICS is to democratize air freight and enable same day shipping for everyone, everywhere. To achieve this, we are developing a new type of cargo airplane, one that is small, remotely-piloted and extremely fuel efficient. It can transport up to 350 kg over 2,500 km for a cost that's 50% lower than other airplanes. It flies autonomously, can be monitored and managed remotely via satellite, and can land and take off anywhere with at least 400m of landstrip This is the kind of technology that can transform whole economies.

At first, it didn't sound possible, but we keep proving it is, which is why we've called it “The Black Swan”. It can land on short and unpaved runways, enabling on-demand point-to-point flights and speedy same-day delivery even to the most remote locations that would otherwise take days to reach over ground or sea.

We are starting with domestic air networks in Europe and Australia with fleets of the Black Swan, taking advantage of the multitude of small airfields that are often unused, training local personnel as drone and logistics operators, and partnering with local industry to provide a valuable lifeline of getting goods in and out of small, remote, mountainous and/or island communities within hours at a cost that is often below even that of road transportation.

We believe that rapid and reliable shipping has enormous socio-economic benefits , and our goal is to enable same-day deliveries for every single person on the planet at a cost that they can afford.

The Role

The Manufacturing Engineer (Composite Materials) will have a good understanding of composite manufacturing and assembly processes. The role will aid in the composite tooling, parts fabrication for both R&D and production parts while working closely with both engineering and manufacturing teams.


  • Manufacturing process development, implementation, and continuous improvement to enhance quality

  • Developing composite processing techniques and engineering assembly methods to enable the manufacture of specialized advanced aerospace composite parts

  • Improving manufacturing processes using a data based approach to problem solving within the manufacturing environment, providing structured problem solving support to manufacturing areas and to resolve any identified manufacturing process issues

  • Developing Stacking sequences & lamination drawings, producibility, and 2D engineering definition for detail parts

  • Organizing the workflow of manufacturing sub-departments and participating in overall work scheduling and planning

  • Collaborating with Design Engineering during prototype, development, and first article manufacturing.

  • Assisting Design Engineering to ensure quality of product definition data for transfer to production.

  • Identifying and assisting in addressing safety issues on the manufacturing floor

  • Initiating and leading lean manufacturing process improvement projects

  • Fabricating high-performance composite parts using prepreg carbon materials

  • Assisting in developing new manufacturing processes and technology

  • Providing production support to assemblers and leads

Job requirements

  • Qualification in Mechanical Engineering, or another relevant discipline, or experience in a directly relevant role

  • Previous experience in the aerospace industry is highly desirable

  • Experience with complex composite parts manufacturing

  • Experience with drawings and BOMs; Assembly Instructions; Engineering Change systems; Quality systems for non-conforming parts and corrective action.

  • Ability to hand lay-up of prepreg materials and use the appropriate tools

  • Must be able to Interpret Drawings or read drawings and other similar authorized drawings and documents and 3D models

  • Preferred experience in using / implementing Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, TQ & ATQ, and QMS

  • Experience of cure cycles knowledge, induction oven and autoclave experience

  • Experience with assembly methods and processes of composites, mechanical assemblies, and electromechanical assemblies.

  • Experience of automated ply cutting equipment experience is a plus, but not required

What We Offer

  • A competitive compensation package for a Series A company.

  • Lots of opportunities for personal and professional growth on a global level.

  • Tons of work, zero office politics - we are here to impact the lives of millions of people around the world.

  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to frame the future of how the world moves goods.